NES30 Pro looks sweet



I came across this sweet-looking controller on the web while performing my Sunday morning procrastination routine. The NES30 Pro looks like the ultimate controller for playing retro game titles.

A solid D-Pad makes or breaks a great retro controller for me. I have an iBuffalo Classic USB Gamepad but I rarely use it anymore. It’s a solid controller but I find the D-Pad is raised a bit above the molding more than I like. I’ve been impressed by the D-Pad on Sony’s DualShock 4, so I’ve been using that lately. Hopefully┬áthe NES30 Pro has a solid D-Pad because I’d love to have an excuse to keep one of these on my desk someday.

The NES30 Pro is compatible with the Nintendo Switch, PC and Mac. If anyone has had experience with this controller let me know in the comments below. I’d like to know people’s opinions on it, especially how the D-Pad feels compared to the D-Pad on the original SNES controller.


The unholy union of Doom and Call of Duty: Black Ops


I’ll probably stream this on YouTube Gaming when it’s released just for the LOLs and to see how fun it is to gun down monsters with military-grade weaponry on Ultra-Violence or Nightmare.