New DUSK trailer bunnyhops into view


The Quake-inspired FPS has a new trailer.


Live Stream Round-up: Iron Crypticle and Doom


Friday night I threw down the gauntlet and played Iron Crypticle, the game previously known as Iron Fisticle.

Saturday night I played GZDoom with some custom maps and the Doomzone weapon/class mod. I was a cut above the rest with Doomzone’s Samurai class. That class uses a few weapons ripped from the classic Shadow Warrior game.

NES30 Pro looks sweet



I came across this sweet-looking controller on the web while performing my Sunday morning procrastination routine. The NES30 Pro looks like the ultimate controller for playing retro game titles.

A solid D-Pad makes or breaks a great retro controller for me. I have an iBuffalo Classic USB Gamepad but I rarely use it anymore. It’s a solid controller but I find the D-Pad is raised a bit above the molding more than I like. I’ve been impressed by the D-Pad on Sony’s DualShock 4, so I’ve been using that lately. Hopefully¬†the NES30 Pro has a solid D-Pad because I’d love to have an excuse to keep one of these on my desk someday.

The NES30 Pro is compatible with the Nintendo Switch, PC and Mac. If anyone has had experience with this controller let me know in the comments below. I’d like to know people’s opinions on it, especially how the D-Pad feels compared to the D-Pad on the original SNES controller.

‘OBLIGE Surprise’ series of streams are complete


A few days ago I started doing a series of live streams on YouTube where I’d play some maps generated from the recently-released (and possibly final version) of OBLIGE. OBLIGE v 7.666 is a very capable Doom level generator and I was pretty impressed by the maps it generated for those streams.

To keep each stream fresh, I also played the maps with a different game play mod.

With Brutal Doom 64‘s data file. It was brutal.

With Hard Doom. It was hard.

With Doomzone mod. The weapons in this one are nice.

Redum of Sun demo is available


The Redum of Sun playable demo was released yesterday. It can be found on the game’s page.

The demo features an open environment for the player to traverse. The game bills itself as a mix between Far Cry and Doom. From the time I spent playing with the demo, there seems to be only one enemy type present to battle in the game world.

The player is equipped with a bow, and there are several arrow types to switch between. Purple arrows detonate on contact, creating a small explosion with splash damage. Yellow arrows spread into four projectiles after they are fired. Regular arrows are infinite in supply and do nothing special other than pierce their target. (Not to be underestimated, though. Sometimes nothing-special-arrows are all that is needed in a pinch!)

Redum of Sun is built on Unity. ¬†Unfortunately I couldn’t keybind my “forward” button to my right mouse button so I had to play the demo using WASD. I might be a minority here, but I use my right mouse button for “forward” in FPS games.

The game’s developers have an IndieGogo campaign to further fund the game’s development.

Iron Fisticle transforms into Iron Crypticle


Imagine my surprise when I learned there was a follow-up to Iron Fisticle recently released on Windows, Xbox One and PlayStation 4. That shock quadrupled when I learned I already owned the game because its a fairly hefty update to Iron Fisticle.

I gave the updated game a try early this morning. It looks like a nice update. Expect a review sometime in the future when I can dedicate more time to give Iron Crypticle a thorough play through.

The new four-player co-op mode looks promising. Now, I just need my friends to stop playing with their kids or doing family duties long enough to come over and play Iron Crypticle with me.

The Xbox One trailer is below. The game’s Steam page is here.